Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Who are we?: We are a group of professionally trained historians searching for a fun distraction from regular everyday graduate student work.                                      First 'Hot" Selfie in History

What is the purpose of our blog?: Why, discussing the Hot Men of History, obviously! 

Where do we attend graduate school?: The University of Hard Knocks, a prestigious institution known for preparing students for the real world outside the ivory halls of academia. We're looking for our Plan B's!

Our Names?: Clio Acquitaine, a PhD student currently studying for doctoral qualifying exams; Matahari Sugar Lips, recently engaged in a scandalous affair with a ginger haired day-walker; and, Ryder Ruff, a soon to be PhD student looking for some good transportation.

What can you, our readers, expect from our blog posts?: A fun ride through historical narratives along with analysis of the world's hottest men. 

Question's we'll explore?:                         

1. Why did Philip the Handsome's wife go insane upon his death? He was just too damn hot.

2. Who got more action? Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, or John F. Kennedy? Depends on the context.

3. How truly progressive was Robert M. La Follette? (In bed...)

We can't promise to always be historically accurate, but if you want to learn more about intellectually hot men, stayed tuned :)

Until next time, we hope your headboard's keep on bangin'

~ The Historians